Dive, Dive, Dive

BB Divers are based on the island of Thailand. I was approached by the owner as their current sites had been hacked and blocked by Google. It was imperative the sites were back up and running as soon as possible. During the debug and investigation of the issues with the hacked sites, it was discussed that the sites really should be reviewed an ultimate goal of rebuilding the sites in the latest Joomla with a responsive template.

During the design phase, various options were developed to highlight and showcase the fantastic location and quality of the deep sea and free diving opportunities available. This was enhanced by the stunning photography, both above and below water that we were able to use acorss the site. Large gallery sliders feature on almost all pages highlighting the many experiences available.

The site is technically four sites in one as it allows the user to seamlessly switch between four languages, English, French, Dutch and Thai. All the languages are controlled from one Joomla install and utilise the latest features of Joomla in the simple and easy management of different languages.

The original iconic sqaure fish logo (for which original artowrk did not exist) was tweaked and redrawn to provide an up to date vector based master file. This was then used across the site to create new logo files and icons, including mobile ready bookmark icons.

Two additional sites are now in progress, using the same base design and template for the other diving locations operated by BB Divers.