Game, Set, Match!

Martina Navratilova, the most decorated female tennis player of all time, was using an old outdated Joomla website.

Unfortunately, the original website was attacked and maliciously hacked. I became involved in a rapid cleaning of the hacked code and preventing future attacks. The site was back up and online within a few hours of first being reported. A monitoring system was setup to alert to any future attacks.

Over time the website began to date, it was not responsive and did not include all the content Martina or her agent wished to show. New articles need to be added and updated.

A new website was commissioned, designed and built to better showcase Martina and her talents. More information about Martina, her tennis career and records were updated.

Martina is also a keen artist and the new website showcases this artwork with the opportunity to purchase and own a unique piece of artwork.

The website was launched days before the Wimbledon championships when Martina would have a prominent presence on TV and media.

Analytics showed a large increase in traffic, with mobile devices showing the largest proportion of visitors to the new website during the championships.

The site has subsequently maintained a high level of visitor numbers following updated SEO and page rank improvements made during the new website build.