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I was contacted by the charity, Surrey Drug and Alcohol Care, as their exisitng WordPress sites were constantly being hacked and were vulnerable. The sites were cleaned, repaired and updated the site to ensure better security.

However, during discussions it was regularly mentioned the exisitng sites were difficult to manage and the visual style was not beneficial to the work they do. A separate site exculsively for Volunteers with a separate login was complex and difficult to manage.

I recommended the site was rebuilt with a fresher, lighter and more welcoming visual style. The Volunteers website would be rolled into and incorporated into the main website with restricted content and a secure volunteer user login.

A new visual design with new photography was developed. It was critical that the new design was more welcoming. New photography was sourced that replaced the existing 'down in the dumps' style with a more welcoming and helpful style. New forms were created, some which replaced download PDF files which now makes entering and collating information far quicker and eaiser. The site is fully responsive across all devices.

All the existing content from the current site was migrated across, reformatted and reorganised to make navigation easier. Instead of separate sites the Volunteer site was rolled into the main site with a single backend administration. Updated extensions now allow data and the volunteers working rota to be managed directly in the website administration ratehr than emailing documents.

The updated site was moved to a new hosting account running on the latest PHP version, a custom firewall and monitored using the fantastic auditing services.

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