Hunter Panels

Lee Tempest is without a doubt the best developer I have worked with. His skill set, attention to detail and wonderful disposition make him a joy to work with. His ongoing partnership with me on makes this complex project a significantly more manageable one. I look forward to a continuing and fruitful relationship with Lee in the years ahead.

Mark Shain
Creative Director
Watership, Inc.
Portland, Maine USA

Insulation is not the most exciting of products, and in most instance, once installed we cannot even see it. Yet it is a vital part of any building, ensuring temperature within is maintained.

Hunter Panels are at the forefront of inuslation products, manufacturing a wide range of products for every requirment, both Roof and Wall.

The website needed to display each product and provide detailed information on exactly what the product was and how it can be used. A large range of documents covering and all aspects of specific materials, industry standards, installation methods and requirements are included on each product page.

Both Hunter sales personnel and website visitors are able to complete a comprehensive order form and receive product samples and documentation. This process is completed via the submission of the form which is automatically converted and uploaded to the processing company for despatch of the samples and documentation.