Laying the tracks

Eileens Emporium is a well established name in the UK Modelling industry. Their website was built using Joomla and a modified version of the HikaShop e-commerce system. However, it had become unable to be updated because of the customisations to the HikaShop system. The visual template was also no longer fit for purpose and was not responsive, so the site did not display well on mobile or tablet devices.

I was tasked with migrating the existing HikaShop product database into a new 'clean' updated Joomla CMS and using the latest HikaShop extension. This involved careful table by table comparisons between the two databases to ensure that all details were transferred successfully. It was also possible to migrate the existing customer profiles, username, passwords, email and previous orders, so customers could still login to the new site without the need to register again.

The visual styling of the site was retained to the most part to be similar to the older version, this was done at the request of the owner at Eileens Emporium to maintain some sense of familiarity for his long-standing customers. The template was updated and is now fully responsive and displays on all devices.

Delivery methods to every corner of the globe are dynamically selected based on a customers address, and a unique chart shows how much more a customer needs to spend to qualify for free shipping if they so wish.

Many of the core code changes were incorporated in such a way as to not affect the ability to update the site as and when new releases are made to CMS or e-commerce systems. Working with another developer a dedicated interface that handles the customer order data in the administration allows for orders to be exported and processed in a much smoother and simpler manner to integrate with their offline systems.

During the COVID pandemic, online sales have increased as no face to face exhibitions have been possible. Traffic from mobile and tablet devices has taken a large jump. This 'new' website has helped to maintain Eileens Emporium as the go-to place for model makers across the globe.