Parts that get you home

I have been working with Terrain Tamer for a number of years now, providing support and technical expertise for their suite of websites.

The main product site had eveolved over time and grown since it's first build to become quite cumbersome and time consuming to manage and update. The site had a vast array of extensions and components that required maintenance and managing. The site provides translated versions for it's customers around the world, but creating and updating languages was a difficult, costly and time consuming exercise.

Over time it became apparent the existing site was not up to the standard of Terrain Tamers competitors, who had recently refreshed their online presence.

A complete overhaul of the website both visually and importantly from an ongoing management viewpoint was undertaken. Visuals were discussed, modifed and refined until a new visual style had been agreed. I also focused on reducing the reliance on additional extensions and utilise the powerful inbuilt functionality of the Joomla CMS to provide a better experience.

The exisiting sites content was migrated from the K2 interface back to core Joomla articles. Imagery, videos and 3D visualations were reorganised and catalogued to make future amends easier.

A document managament system was installed to remove the very confusing and convoluted storage that had eveolved on the old site. Now all docuemnts are centrally controlled and can be easily update dby simply dragging and dropping a new file. The tracking statistics now provide details of each document and downloads data.

A completely rebuilt and redesigned worldwide stockists locations section was developed with interactive satelite maps and popup location pins detailing each stockists adress and contact details.

Following from the original site and new translation engine was installed that now dynamically translates every page on the fly into multiple languages without the need for costly and time consuming human translation. All the text on the site is now 'live' text and not a graphic it is available for translation. This has allowed the entire site, and not just specific pages, to be available to many more customers in many more languages than previously accessible on the old site.

The entire project was handled whilst both parties were living and working on different hemispheres and parts of the globe! There were no barriers working and communicating from the UK to Terrain Tamers main base in Melbourne, Australia,