Pink Wedding Venues

I just wanted to give you some feedback as you are the mastermind and genius behind the site. I am getting, weekly, requests for information on how venues can feature themselves on the site. The amount of people who have looked at us and say Pink Wedding Venues is so, so much better than the other sites out there. They really like it, they like the functionality, the way it looks and works etc

Pink Wedding Venues

Following a repair and security fix to the previous website, concerns were expressed that the existing site would still be susceptible to further attacks. A lot of customisation to the core Joomla CMS had taken place and the site was neither fully working or visually appealling.

A completely redesigned and repurposed site was designed and developed to put the dedicated and customisable search at the forefront of the new website. Research into user habits was undertaken and fed back into the design and usability. A new directory extension was used to allow easier management of the vast database of venues and information available. Direct contact with the extension developer ensured any customisation and modifications were undertaken in the correct manor.

Additional SEO was carried out on a page by page basis and content rewritten where possible to enable an improved page ranking.