The tension mounts!

Comptrol Inc are an engineering company based in Ohio, USA. They manufacture various engineering solutions for load cells, tension transducers and linear motion products.

I was tasked with supporting and managing their existing website. Over time it became evident the existing site was not fulfilling its full potentional and providing all the information to viewers. A new website was comissioned and developed to better promote the products and engineering services available. This began with a full review of the existing site and organising the content into a more coherent and accessible order. New sections and categories were created, and content migrated and updated were required.

Document downloads were modified and update to ensure customers could access the correct documentation for each product and version.

Following the initial laucnh additional functionality has been added including a bespoke product selection form that allows a customer to complete a series of questions and then view and configure the exact product they require in 3D directly from their browser before submitting to Comptrol for pricing and ordering.