Joomla and Web Developer

I have been designing, building and developing websites, since the early beginnings of the internet. My first website was a basic HTML 1.0 site that consisted of three pages, a homepage, about us, and contact page! It can be viewed at this link.

Over the years, I have helped many companies get online and promote their business, services and sell their products to a much wider audience than they previously had. With the development of Content Management Systems (CMS) including, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc the standard way websites are constructed has evolved. Businesses can now manage and maintain their own websites, update, modify and add new content as an when required, all through a simple CMS interface.

Since its inception (and before when it was called Mambo) I have been developing websites using the Joomla CMS system. In my opinion and experience, Joomla gives a client the easiest way to manage their website. Using a template MVC system the website can be completely customised to fit both the design and style of the company. With over 1,200 extensions, modules and plugins available, each website can be specifically tailored to match the clients' requirements. E-commerce systems, online directories, image galleries, property, secure downloads, discussion forums, training resources and online testing are just some of the many varied websites I have been involved in. Other online projects have also include bespoke XML data feed integration, migration of data between websites and the businesses' inhouse system to dedicated secure logins to various restricted content and downloads.

The internet is ever changing and the growth of smartphones and tablets over taking desktop browsers as the main device users access the interent has changed the dynamic of how websites are designed and built. Using responsive elements in both the website and template itself, ensures that the content remains accessible on as many devices as possible, ensuring the end user experience is not compromised because of the device they use to view your website.

Is your website engaging your visitors? Can it be displayed on all devices successfully? Does it provide the content your customers need? Can it be easily updated and managed?

I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your website and how I can help you improve your online presence.