How much will it cost?

The simple answer is it depends!

Costs are always at the forefront of everyones decision when purchasing design. What makes the pricing of design, websites, print, photography etc difficult, is that it is not a quantifiable product. If I buy a can of Coke it can be easily costed how much that can was to produce and deliver to the store I purchase it from and hence the final price reflects this.

Design is far harder, you are not only paying for the final brand, printed material etc but the skill and expereince that goes into developing that idea.

With the millions of apparently cheap developers and designers now instantly available online with a quick Google search, and the many online website builders available for less than £5 a month why would you pay more?

In pretty much all walks of life if you want a better quality, finer quality, longer lasting product then you will be paying a higher price. You cannot buy a Rolls Royce, a Tiffany necklace or a Rollex watch for £5. This is simply down to the fact that the skill level and quaility of elements within the final product are of a higher standard.

This is also reflected in design, its very easy to obtain a new company logo, website and printed materials for less than £100, but what standard will this be? and has any thought about the final use and effect on your business been carried out?

Websites are always the hardest to explain; designing, developing, building and coding a website is not a 'simple' process, it is certainly not "just clicking a few buttons" as I've heard previously. To get exactly what you require, takes, time, effort and skill, and once realised that you are simply not just paying for a 'logo' then the costs quoted are far easier to understand and agree to.

I am always open and available to discuss costs and work towards a common agreeable understanding between us both. I do not simply pull a figure out of the air and would rather work with you to achieve the end result we both need.

If you pay peanuts then expect monkeys!